Is Becoming a Nurse Worth It? Things You Have to Know

There is nothing like saving a life. It is simply rewarding, making you feel proud for a lifetime. Yes, being a nurse isn’t easy. In fact, it may not also be for the faint-hearted. If you’re looking forward to becoming a nurse, you first need to write a personal statement for nursing school and then complete a degree in nursing. But why choosing a nursing career? Is it really worth it?

becoming a nurse

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Interesting Facts about Nursing

Did you know that:

  • Registered nurses in the US: 2.6 million and 6 million are working in hospitals.
  • Nursing is the fastest growing in the US: 22% more jobs are expected.
  • Shortage of about 800,000 is forecasted in the US by 2020

The Benefits of Becoming a Nurse

Many see nursing as a stress marathon and an exhausting job. While that is quite true, nursing is also a very rewarding career. So why nursing?

  • Fun, rewarding job. Many patients are friendly and so are nurses. The doctors may come and go, but these nurses are always at their patient’s side, giving encouragement, like “Hey, you can do it.” “This won’t hurt.” “You’re going to be fine.” Definitely, being a nurse is a fulfilling job, and it is unlike other professions. You won’t have a dull moment working as a nurse. In fact, you will always be working in a busy, fast-paced (and also unpredictable surroundings), unlike in an office where you could have the same job over again. And if you’d be working in an emergency room, the environment may even be more unpredictable. Learning and discovering new things is always an opportunity.
  • Nursing is a high-paying job. It is not as high paying as that of the doctor’s, but it is still a lucrative career. One reason is that it is always in demand and many hospitals always need nurses. In fact, there will be shortage in nurses by 2020 in the US alone. So there can be more potential opportunities waiting for you. Being a nurse, you may earn between $30,000 and $80,000 a year.
  • Advancement opportunities abound. Nursing is a stepping-stone to other fields in medicine. You can become a high-level medical practitioner by working as a nurse first. You can enjoy many opportunities to grow and level up as a medical practitioner.

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