Really Catchy Nursing Personal Statement Examples

nursing personal statement examplesAre you having a hard time coming up with your own nursing personal statement for a job? What you need is to review nursing personal statement examples to get fresh ideas on how to write your own statement. Regardless of whether you are applying for a student nurse job or as a full time nurse, there are plenty of examples to be found online. We are here to help you with our examples, or you can contact us directly for more.

Nursing Personal Statement Examples

“Nursing is one of those careers that you never stop learning and never stop training and because I’m always fond of caring for others, I found that my passion brought me to the path of becoming a nurse. In my current job, I’m working as a nursing assistant in one of the local clinics where, under the tutelage of Mrs. Norris, have grown as a health care nurse and as a person. I’ve immersed myself in caring for patients who need emergency assistance as well as long-term patients who need someone to assist them in every way. Most of my patients refer to me as the little angel, due to my height and to soft quality of my voice.

While working as a nursing aide, I am also putting myself through school to further my career as a nurse. I am currently taking up my masters at the University of California and just one semester behind to fulfilling my dream of being part of the health care industry.

Aside from my stint as a nursing aide and student, I am also a volunteer health worker at a local shelter for the homeless where I get to treat transients. This experience has opened my eyes to the health care needs of our less fortunate citizens as well as the personal storms they are weathering. I am convinced that with proper care, these people will feel more inclined to go back to the society they left behind.”

Where to Find Personal Statement Examples for Nursing?

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  • Concentrate on your strengths
  • Find the perfect opening sentence
  • Make it personal
  • Speak your ideas with your own words
  • Be honest
  • Proofread your statement

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